Ok so even if you enable SSL in joomla even the htaccess way not everything is SSL and modern browsers will reject it.

Try this


Look for the following

// Determine if the request was over SSL (HTTPS)
if (isset($_SERVER['HTTPS']) && !empty($_SERVER['HTTPS']) && (strtolower($_SERVER['HTTPS']) != 'off')) {
$https = 's://';
} else {
$https = '://';


$https = '://';


$https = 's://';

Want to speed up your Joomla front end?


Yes its a great cms but it can be slow. Here are a few tips to increase speed and maximise your google page speed score.

1. The cache plugin, yes a plugin. Search for it i assure you its there just not widely documented. This will cache permanently all your pages, great if you dont update the site much.

2. If your site gets updated a lot or has lots of every changing content you might want to cache your homepage only, using the same method above but with a modified joomla plugin now with an added timeout, homepage only and full browser caching homepagecachepluginjoomla

3. Activated Progressive caching in your global config with a timeout of around an hour.

4. Install google page speed on your server if you have a vps or dedicated, heres how.

5. A plugin to compress your html, i personally dont use it for css,js compression. You can also activate htaccess gzip via this but sometimes makes it worse, have a play HERE

6. Drop the following in your HTACCESS file

This method only works if you install and enable the 3rd party MVC plugin - or provide your own equivalent plugin. It is fine for advanced developers - just be aware that this is not part of Joomla! Core code


There may be times when you need to override the Joomla! MVC Component to add new functionality or to completely customise the component. The MVC component can be completely overridden by using the same class names that are used in the component. This is achieved by loading a system plugin before the component is dispatched by the application.

In this example we are wanting to keep the referrer redirection on the joomla login to redirect back to where you were and keep general logging in going to a page of your choice such as a my account page for your component.

To do this simply install this plugin mvcoverride

Activate the plugin

Joomla not sending out email via pop up window. Strange as this was an issue in 1.5 and seems to be the same in some 2.5 installations.

To resolve this problem, open this file:


Locate the following line of code (approximately line 57):

if($timeout == 0 || time() - $timeout < 20) {

Change the line to the following:

if($timeout == 0 || time() - $timeout > 20) {

Save, Upload and test.
You can also increase the time from 20 to say 50.

You can read more about this bug here

Adding such suffixes on your own Joomla website modules is very easy, just follow this simple guide.

As you can see every suffix has a name like dark or light or whatever you want to name it, lets say we name our new suffix as spots.

Our first goal is to add this suffix in our template css file, you can find this file inside your /templates/your_template/css directory, filename is usually called as template_css.css unless otherwise stated from your template provider, so:

  1. Use an ftp client(like filezilla) to the path where your template_css.css is located.
  2. Download this file locally on your pc, make a backup(in case you want to undo changes) and open it with an editor like notepad plus plus, PSPAD or similar.
  3. Go to the last line of the file and add the following code:
  4. /* spots */
    this is necessary for future use in case you want to re-edit your css file and find it hard to remember what changes you made, using this code you can easily track changes and edit them as you wish.
  5. Add below /* spots */ your own css code for example: